Probably the broadest line of Switches in the world!

C&K Switches Include: Tactile, Pushbutton, Snap-Acting,C&K Toggle, Rocker, Detect, DIP, Keyswitch, Navigation, Rotary, Slide, Switchlock, and Thumbwheel.

Nanya Technology

A leader in consumer- and mobile DRAM memories • 128Mb to 8Gb, • Flash/DRAM MCP (Multi Chip Pacages)


• Oscillators:XO, VCXO, VCSO, TCXO & OCXO, VCO CTS Components• Ceramic RF filters and duplexers • ClearOne™ BGA constructed Resistor- and RC Networks • Potentiomenters, Dip-Switches, Heat Sinks and Circuit Board Retainers


Virtium is a leading innovator of industrial memory solutions for embedded systems. Virtium provides rugged memory modules and SSD flash drives for harsh industrial environment.


u-blox Swiss-based u-blox is a global leader in positioning and wireless communications semiconductors and modules for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets. The solutions enable people, vehicles and machines to locate their exact position and wirelessly communicate via voice, text or video.

• Positioning (GNSS) • Short Range Communication (WiFi & Bluetooth) • Cellular

Nan Ya Plastic Corporation -Displays and Touch Control

Nanya Plastic Corporation Founded in March 1991. Nanya Factory is situated in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Product range of color STN panels, TFT modules, Automotive displays,  touch sensors and color filters. Nanya LCD products are used in application fields such as industrial control panels, medical devices, network equipment, IP phones, automotive, mobile phones and consumer products.

Provider of high performance passive antennas and active antenna systems & solutions for increased wireless connectivity.

Connections you can rely on!


Netlist Flash Modules High density memory subsystems for high performing computing systems. Commercial and Industrial grade FLASH Modules in standard interfaces & form factors: PCIe mini, mSATA Slim, and mSata mini, Compact Flash, miniSD, and others.


AVX Corporation Leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and interconnect solutions • Passive components • Crystal products • El-mech products



Specialist in RF Microwave components and solutions • RF Capacitors, Inductors and Resistive products. • Thin-Film Technologies

New England Wire Technologies NEWTC

Custom Litz, braids, cables & strands, ultra flexible single, multiconductor & coaxial cables are manufactured to meet exacting specifications for the medical, automotive, communications, computer, industrial electronics, robotics, and high-energy physics industries.

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