New supplier: Move-X, Powerful and Highly Integrated LoRaWAN Radio Modules

More Electronics is proud to announce its collaboration with Move-X, a provider of LoRaWAN solutions based on highly integrated and powerful radio modules.

Born as the R&D division of Move Solutions, an Italian company focused on developing wireless and smart Structural Health Monitoring systems for civil infrastructures, Move-X is providing compact and feature rich LoRaWAN modules offering the Cortex M4 capabilities for the application in an open CPU environment.
For demo- and development purpose does the Arduino compatible Cicerone board offer an embedded u-blox MAX-M10 GNSS and the option of connecting and charging a Lit-Ion battery.
Combined with quality end-to-end technical support for the development process we enable our customers to design innovative LoRaWAN-based solutions for power constrained IoT applications across a wide range of industries, such as smart cities, smart logistics, smart manufacturing, smart agriculture and more.

Move-X is based in Italy and More Electronics will offer local Nordic support and stock of the MAMWLE LoRaWAN modules and the Cicerone demo- & development-board.

Peter Frederiksen, CEO & Owner, More Electronics

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